Riverbank Farm Sheep / Goats / Llamas

Registered Clun Forest lambs will be due in March 2016 and reservations can be taken for them.

  • Sheep and Llama grazing on fall pastures at Riverbank Farm.
  • Llamas running.
  • Lambs grazing with mamas.
  • Flock of Riverbank Farm Border Cheviot Sheep.
  • Llamas and Sheep with Aussie watching.
  • Spring!
  • Llama guarding a flock of sheep.
  • Llama and goats in the barnyard with Montana (Aussie).
  • Wryly the llama with some sheep.
  • Clun Forest Sheep.
  • Lambs.

The sheep flock consists of non-registered Border Cheviots and registered Clun Forest. The flock is maintained to produce meat and wool as well as registered breeding stock while being used for stockdog lessons and trials during the course of the year.

Llamas and alpacas are handled and trained at Riverbank Farm to become livestock guardians. Either a llama or alpaca is pastured with each group of small livestock daily to acclimate the camelids to the livestock as well as to the fences and routine handling. Not every camelid can guard effectively so careful choices are made when selecting the best option for folks looking to purchase a guard animal.

The Nigerian Dwarf goat herd is not registered, but they are very beneficial for training dogs. The goats provide a calm frame of mind for novice dogs to learn about livestock, and they can be a challenge to experienced dogs that need to learn to be assertive.
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