Irish Dexter cattle have been a great addition to the farm. Lucy was the original, non-registered, Dexter at Riverbank Farm. She has been a great cow and although she could never be registered, she has a key factor in developing the herd of Dexter cattle. The breeding herd has evolved into being classified as "traditional" by the Legacy registry in an effort to help preserve the breed's heritage genetics while limiting the size of the Riverbank Dexter herd. They have been ideal for training stockdogs with their independent minds but have also been easy to handle and manage.

Check out our Bulls and Cows! Some may be for sale.

  • Out to pasture.
  • Rose looking out over the electronet fencing.
  • Ruby with her calf, Gem.
  • Fred herding Dexters to remote pastures at Riverbank Farm.
  • Grazing.
  • Rose with newborn calf, Riverbank Don.
  • Dexter Mommas and their babies with sheep and llamas in the background.
  • Dexter herd on pasture. Riverbank Farm.
  • Riverbank Farm herd.
  • Cedar
  • Riverbanks Blacksmith
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The herd presently consists of the following registered cows and heifers:

Stella of Emerald Acres DOB 7/9/08 Black
BYB Bonnie Ton DOB 7/31/11 Black
Riverbank's Gem DOB Dun
Tandem Acres Colorado Belle DOB 4/14/14 Black
Tandem Acres Hail Storm DOB 2/7/17 dun
BHD Riverbank Mary Ann DOB 7/11/15
Riverbank Martha DOB 9/2017 Black
Riverbank Gina DOB 9/2017 Black

The current bulls in the herd:

Riverbank Barney Rubble DOB 8/2016 Dun
Riverbank Rock Wall Forest DOB 5/14/17 Black
Riverbank Blue DOB 9/2017 Black

BYB Bonnie Ton - DOB 7/31/11.BYB Bonnie Ton - DOB 7/31/11 "Bonnie"

Black, dehorned, PHA and Chondro free, A1/A2

Bonnie is a calm and gentle cow.  She is a great mother and will be bred to Blacksmith late summer 2014.  Bonnie’s 2014 bull calf, Cloudy, has been sold.

See video of "Cloudy" being born --->

Registrations: ADCA, PDCA and Legacy

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